All you need to know about Adrafinil – a comprehensive guide.

Learn everything you need to know about adrafinil in this guide – how it works, what it’s used for, benefits, side effects and how to purchase adrafinil.

All You Need to Know About Adrafinil

best place to buy adrafinilIt is not a secret that working productivity plays a crucial role in the fast-changing environment. Some people find it easy to succeed, while some need their wakefulness to be enhanced. Among different bioactive stimulants, Adrafinil became incredibly popular because of its safety and effectiveness. For some people, the most reasonable solution is to buy adrafinil that is able to successfully increase attentiveness while working or studying.

According to the study of adrafinil effects, it really works as the producer claims. The medicine can boost your energy providing the opportunity to enjoy life. You will forget about the lack of strength and concentration, which is a must-thing to have if you want to achieve your goals. There are many positive adrafinil reviews, where people write about the fatigue decrease and the enormous energy boost.

What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is a medicine that has been designed with the aim to stimulate a nervous system. It has a soft principle of action being a synthetic nootropic compound and a Modafinil precursor. Today, we can enjoy all benefits of adrafinil thanks to the Group Lafon, French pharmaceutical organization, which developed this drug in the 70s. Initially, people used adrafinil with the aim to get rid of insomnia and fight against narcolepsy. Nowadays, people buy adrafinil when they want to increase productivity and boost cognitive abilities.

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Adrafinil has a lot of benefits, among which the most important is that it doesn’t make a person hyperactive. There are Adrafinil studies that prove that the drug has a positive effect on the memory. Taking this medicine, people start noticing a big difference being able to remember more. The product was widely distributed in European countries until 2011. At the moment, a large number of people choose adrafinil as an effective helper in their daily activities. It is rightly called the “smart drug” because it can enhance productivity.

How does adrafinil work?

Let’s have a look at the principle of Adrafinil action. It acts indirectly on the adrenergic and the central nervous system. Adrafinil nootropics are transformed into modafinil, which has a similar pharmacological action. Adrafinil affects not only the nervous system but also the adrenaline level. Being an inactive synthetic precursor, adrafinil becomes active after the process of transformation, which takes place in the liver. The activity of adrafinil results in the reduction of fatigue. Which processes lead to such result? The production of such hormones as dopamine and histamine increases. It is known that both of them are triggered by the neurotransmitter hypocretin, intensively being released in response to adrafinil fission when being inside.

The drug can also act with other nootropics, among which there are such as piracetam or noopept. The best adrafinil stack is noopept, as these prodrugs have almost identical pharmaceutical features. Adrafinil and noopept are often combined with the aim to enhance mental clarity and boost alertness. Being a bioactive prodrug, Noopept is absorbed in the body having a shorter effect compared to adrafinil.

If to use Noopept separately from adrafinil, you won’t get the same powerful effect as both drugs provide when they are combined. Noopept has a slightly weaker effect. However, the mix of these drugs can exceed your expectations. Being used in a combination, they do a great job enhancing the productivity significantly.

What is Adrafinil used for?

The medicine is used by those people whose work requires maximum concentration. The best adrafinil effect is noticed in students, people who work night shifts, and all people who need to stay active for long. Due to the effect provided by the drug, the working productivity enhances greatly.

Being a modafinil forerunner, the drug contributes to the increased concentration of modafinil in the human body. Those who want to improve their memory and be able to focus on important things are recommended to use adrafinil for studying as it is able to enhance the cognitive abilities. According to the reports of those people who have already taken the drug, it is possible to keep energetic much longer due to its effect.

Modafinil vs Adrafinil

Both drugs fall into the category of nootropics, which provide a stimulating action. As it has already been mentioned before, Adrafinil is converted into Modafinil when being inside the body. If to compare their effects, one may notice that adrafinil is less powerful. It has a shorter action. This is due to the fact that more time is required for adrafinil to accumulate the proactive level of the metabolite in the bloodstream.

As for Modafinil, it has a stronger effect. One the one hand, this is an advantage but on the other hand, this may be considered a drawback as one can get it only having a prescription. The slightly weaker action of Adrafinil makes it possible to buy adrafinil via the Internet legally.

Adrafinil Benefits

Reviews reflect positive effects of this nootropic consumption. Among different benefits, the following are often highlighted:

  • Reduce sleepiness and fatigue. Adrafinil is designed to fight the obstacles to the mind productivity. In particular, adrafinil helps retired people or night-shift workers to stay up longer
  • Promotes alertness and mental focus. Adrafinil effects make the concentration level higher, which enables to complete complicated tasks more efficiently. It helps to stay focused for longer periods of time. Students, researchers, and drivers could benefit from such effects a lot
  • Energy and productivity increase. Under adrafinil euphoria, it is easier to stay motivated and energetic longer. It is a good boost for people in the competitive environment
  • Enhance cognitive abilities. Adrafinil helps to be more efficient and fresh-minded while facing challenging tasks. Such effects are popular among people under strict deadlines or those in need to get things done in no time
  • Improve memory. This benefit is particularly undermined by simultaneous translators and students before the exams, as they are required to keep in mind many things at once

Adrafinil for weight loss

In addition to the productivity stimulation, adrafinil can be used as an appetite suppressant, ultimately causing the weight loss effect. Unlike usual diet pills, adrafinil does not increase the heart rate and, therefore, does not hurt the body overall that much. Metabolised into modafinil, adrafinil triggers orexin release in the brain. Namely, orexin regulates appetite and alertness, as it increases the concentration of histamine in the body. Therefore, energy boost provokes rapid metabolism and stimulates calories burning.

Adrafinil weight loss effect is also explained by its influence on the ability to concentrate. While deeply focused on a task, people often forget about eating or drinking on time.

It should be mentioned that modafinil triggers an intensive dopamine release, which is responsible for motivation and goal-setting. Therefore, it becomes easier to follow the diet rules and to stick to daily fitness activity, which obviously leads to successful weight loss.

Is it possible to buy Adrafinil without a doctor’s prescription?

At present, it is unregulated in the US and in Canada. Therefore, adrafinil purchase is legal there. However, the product has not been approved by the FDA for clinical application.

Unlike modafinil, adrafinil falls outside of DEA jurisdiction. In particular, adrafinil possession with no prescription is not illegal. When modafinil itself is available for purchase only with a doctor’s notice (usually for people with narcolepsy) in the US, Australia, and Europe. However, adrafinil is easier to get, as the product’s distribution is still unscheduled.

It means that technically, people are free to buy Adrafinil online or over-the-counter without any special permission. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to find adrafinil for purchase in supplement stores or pharmacies.

Where to buy Adrafinil?

Because of lack of nootropics clear regulation, the stores in the US and in Europe don’t sell adrafinil widely. Consequently, it is almost impossible to buy adrafinil over the counter. The best alternative is to buy adrafinil online.

There are plenty of websites legally selling “mind drugs”. Therefore, such products are quite widespread on the internet. For example, the best place to buy adrafinil could be Amazon. For that, you would simply need to google it as “adrafinil amazon”. Alternatively, there are plenty of designated online shops with different paying options. So you could buy adrafinil capsules online in various dosage packs. For that, it is simply needed to order adrafinil in advance and to wait for few days, depending on the location of the distributors.

How much does Adrafinil cost?

In general, adrafinil is an inexpensive nootropic. Adrafinil average cost is $3 for a gram or even less. Branded product versions are usually more expensive. In different online shops, the price may vary from $20 to $130 per 300 mg bottle with adrafinil nootropics in capsules. In this case, it would be smarter to buy an adrafinil 600mg powder bottle with prices ranging from $30 to $180.


Adrafinil definitely helps to perform better in studies, work or in daily activities. It is quite a powerful stimulant, however, it is less strong than modafinil. At first, the recommended dosage is between 150 to 300 mg daily. The body needs to adjust, therefore, it is better to begin with small portions. After some time, the dose can be increased to 600 mg or even to 1200 mg for seasoned users.

If you want to enjoy benefits offered by this drug, take it one or two times per day regularly. In most cases, the treatment course lasts about 5 months. The medicine will work faster if it is not combined with foods. You should take the largest dose earlier in the morning. Keep in mind that it is better not to take the nootropic before going to bed. You will notice the desired result in about 40-65 minutes. This period may vary individually.

The effect is going to last for about 3-4 hours depending on your body reaction. Despite the fact that Adrafinil can be used when you want to feel more concentrated, it is still a medicine that should be taken according to a certain scheme. If you have such a possibility, you are recommended to get a consultation of a specialist so that you know how long you can take the drug. You can’t take it constantly as it is highly recommended to make breaks. The wise use of the drug will allow you to avoid any unwanted adverse reactions.

Adrafinil and Alcohol

Don’t take the drug simultaneously with alcohol as this may lead to the worsening of the liver functioning. This may happen due to the fact that these products have opposing effects. The drug is aimed at stimulating wakefulness while alcohol causes a depressing effect on the body.

Therefore, combinations of these two substances obviously cannot produce any benefits. On the contrary, it could cause harmful side effects. For instance, the liver enzyme dramatic increase or even heart issues.


Adrafinil is not a good choice for people with any present or even past heart diseases. Adrafinil stimulates an intensive release of adrenaline, which can cause high blood pressure. It is always better to consult with a doctor before taking any kind of stimulants. Adrafinil could also be toxic for the liver enzyme, especially when mixed with caffeine or other stimulants. The liver plays an important role in adrafinil absorption. However, healthy individuals should not have any issues if they don’t overdose the drug.

Side Effects

There are always some negative effects of nootropics consumption, which every individual taking adrafinil should know about. It is possible to have anxiety, irritability, sleeping disorders, dry mouth, headaches, appease suspension, and nausea. These unwanted effects may take place but they don’t obligatorily happen to everyone, without an exception.

Bear in mind that overdose may cause various liver dysfunctions. That’s why you should see a doctor from time to time to be sure that the drug doesn’t have a negative impact on your health.

Adrafinil can also reduce the effect of some oral contraceptives, so woman taking them should previously check their prescriptions. In some cases, adrafinil may trigger heart palpitations, or chest pain, or hallucinations, or even bruising. Therefore, individuals suffering from heart diseases or any other health issues must be sure to see a doctor before having any adrafinil dosage. Especially, it is crucial to control time periods while ingesting adrafinil, as an extensive dose may result in serious health problems.


Studies of adrafinil examine its effect on the brain activity. Adrafinil is a relatively soft stimulant, which is not much stronger than usual vitamins or herbals. Therefore, this nootropic is not dangerous, while taking in the right dosage and it does not require any medical prescription. In addition, it is not difficult to get adrafinil, as you might order it online in different forms – powder or capsules.

Adrafinil is commonly used for many purposes in daily life or for work. It helps people to expose their potential, by stimulating wakefulness and productivity. Adrafinil is suitable for people dealing with difficult tasks or working under pressure in uncomfortable circumstances. Though the product is not dangerous for most people, consult a healthcare specialist to avoid any unwanted body effects. The product is quite universal and well-known in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.